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Quiz Engine

Qengine is a quiz engine. Write one question for it, and it can generate randomized versions of the same question. This makes writing quizzes much easier and helps prevent students from cheating.

Qengine is a framework for delivering quizzes that use powerful back-end tools, such as SageMath, to generate content. It currently works with Moodle and will be supported on other LMS platforms in the future. It's also open source. If you're interested in developing features or extensions to Qengine, please visit the Github repo: Qengine Repo


Each student can receive a different version of a question, or make a quiz with multiple randomized versions of the same question.

Opaque Protocol

Qengine supports the Opaque protocol for handling quizzes, which supports multi-step questions, secure resources, and dynamic web content.


Qengine supports multiple back-end tools, including SageMath. Generate math content with SageMath code and Qengine will randomize and include that content.


Qengine works with Moodle by using the Opaque plug-in. Just install the plug-in and enter the url of your Qengine server to start making Qengine quizzes.