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Academic Systems makes software solutions for all aspects of education, including administration, online testing, automatic proctoring, and content generation tools. We help make the learning process easier, powerful, and more effective.
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Process applications easier, faster, simpler.

AppSys is an application system. It's designed to help schools and colleges in processing applications beyond the support provided by their admissions department or it can work as a standalone admissions solution.

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Write one question, generate thousands of variations.

Qengine is a quiz engine. Write one question, and Qengine will generate as many variations of that question as you need, so each of your students gets a different version of what you're testing. Qengine also handles the grading of all the different versions so you don't have to. It currently works with the LMS Moodle and will be supported on other learning management systems in the future.

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Create dynamic web resources.

Bengine is a block engine. There are amazing new technologies being created all the time for the web, but it's a pain to get them to work together. Bengine makes this simple by doing it for you. You can use Bengine to create etextbooks or just make great content for your website. Blocks can be everything from powerpoint slides, code visualizers, educational animations, video, text, and more. New blocks are being added all the time.

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Restrict computer usage during tests.

Proctor Engine is a simple and effective way to proctor your online quizzes and exams. It works by restricting the student's computer to only your quiz. If they try to do any other activity with their computer, the quiz will close and their behaviour will be reported. Advanced features can be enabled for remote test takers that track test behaviour through the use of their webcam.