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AppSys is an application system. It's designed to help schools and colleges in processing applications beyond the support provided by their admissions department, though it can be easily used as a standalone admissions solution.

With AppSys, you can add applicants and staff, create forms, link form data to applicant data in the database, attach files to an applicant's profile, create and assign reviews, and query data for reports.

There are a lot of additional features to help make the process simpler and more powerful. Request a personal demo to see them all.

Review System

Create reviews for applicants, assign them to be reviewed, and easily manage submitted data.

Privileged Accounts

Create multiple accounts with different levels of privilege to reviews, student data, and administrative tools.

Data Import/Export

Several tools make it easy to import existing data in different formats as well as export the data into multiple formats.

Strong Security

From firewalls to encryption, multiple layers of security protect your system's files and data.

GUI Database Queries

Queries to your database can be made using the Graphical User Interface, no coding required. Although if you prefer coding your queries, that option is also available.

Online File System

The online file system provides folders for storing form data and attaching applicant files to their profile. There is also a miscellaneous folder.

No Code Form Generator

Create as many forms as needed. No coding required. Forms are automatically organized for you.

Interview Scheduler

The simple scheduler sends an email to the applicant with a special link to schedule an interview at the times you make available.

Mongo Database

MongoDB integration is enabled by default, allowing for variable data organization and powerful queries.

Dropbox Integration

The file system comes with the option of Dropbox integration, which allows for editing files online.

Auto Linking

Files and data can be auto-linked to applicants during upload using their ID or full name, making it easier to move information between AppSys and any other systems your using.

Custom Styles

AppSys can be set to match your school's style by uploading your school's logo and color scheme.