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All of our solutions have been designed with the goal of helping departments scale their ability to handle a higher capacity of students while maintaining a tight budget. We continue to develop features and new tools based on the needs and feedback of active administrators and professors.

Proctor Engine

Lock down a student's computer when taking an exam. This software works with all modern browsers and learning management systems. Proctor Engine puts your quiz into full screen, disabling a student's ability to use their computer for anything else. Over 20+ features, including premium features like video and audio recording, deter and prevent students from academic dishonesty.

Quiz Engine

Quiz Engine generates variations of questions. That way, each student gets their own variation (prevents academic dishonesty) and each attempt is a new variation (great for practice). Quiz Engine ties into powerful tools like SageMath, MathJax, and more to generate complex variations along with dynamically generated images. Existing curriculum exists for schools looking to use Quiz Engine quickly. Don't spend more money on curriculum development, teaching assistants, professors, etc. With Quiz Engine, you can scale your online learning to hundreds or thousands of students at little extra cost.

Block Engine

Create amazing next generation learning content. Block Engine is a simple user interface for creating interactive content for teaching. It's extensible API gives you access to dozens of amazing open source tools. It's like Jupyter Notebooks, except you are not limited to python and images. Block Engine already works with MathJax, Video, Audio, D3, Power Point Slides, Algorithm Visualizer, Python, Javascript, and so much more. It also doubles as a convenient user interface for creating questions that work with our Quiz Engine.

App Sys

Process student acceptance applications in a completely configurable process. Originally developed at the University of Colorado to make up for the shortcomings of the institution wide admissions solution, AppSys is an easy, secure, and powerful content management system that's designed to be used at the department level.

  • University of Colorado
    All of our software was originally developed at the University of Colorado and is currently used by multiple departments, including the Computer Science, Aerospace, and Civil Engineering departments. A lot of our work went into launching the CSAP program, which has helped the Computer Science department handle it's growth from around 200 students in 2013 to more than 1200 students in 2018.

Apply To Be A Pilot School

Our software is battle tested at the University of Colorado, but we're just getting started on releasing our software to the public. We are accepting applications from schools to pilot our software while we determine the best business solutions for our customers. If you have any of the following needs, you should consider applying to be a pilot:

  • Local & Remote Proctoring On Any Device
  • Fast Scaling Dynamic Online Testing
  • Easy Interactive Online Learning Content
  • Student & Learning Data Management

Application Form

We also do custom jobs for people needing expertise in eLearning software like Learning Management Systems & standard eLearning software protocols ( for example: LTI ). Use the form below to message us.